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Meet WR Commit Jeff Greene from Starrs Mill H

Jeff Greene is a 6-6 200 pound wide receiver out of Starrs Mill High School in Fayetteville, Georgia who verbally commited to Georgia Tech on August 10, 2010. Jeff will graduate in spring ’11 and plans to enroll in the summer. He is a good all-around athlete who also excels at basketball and track.

The Starrs Mill football team is off to a great start this season with a 6-0 record. Their average margin of victory is nearly 25 points and they have shutout 3 of their six opponents. So Jeff Greene knows what it is like to play for a winner.

Greene describes the Starrs Mill offense as a run-oriented unit which pounds it inside a lot but when they run outside he and the other receivers are expected to make big time blocks. The receivers also take pride in blocking for each other, “When I catch the ball I depend on the other receivers to block for me so we help each other, it is pretty good,” Jeff said.

This summer Greene was 6’5” and 193 pounds but he’s added an inch and now weighs 200 pounds. “In the summer it was hard to gain weight but now I’ve been able to put on weight, “ he says.

Wide receiver Demaryius “BeBe” Thomas had a great career at Georgia Tech and was drafted in the first round of last April’s NFL draft by the Denver Broncos. Greene was asked if that had an impact.

“Yes sir that right there puts all the bad things and the stereotypes how you can’t get the ball at Tech and how you are going to be blocking mostly. That just proves them wrong right there. You can be a receiver and make big plays. So I like that a lot.”

When potential recruits visit Georgia Tech they seem to vividly remember what it was like being in Coach Johnson’s office when they made their verbal commitment. Jeff Greene is no different.

“At first I was a little nervous. I was there with my parents. Before that we were in Coach Preston’s office talking with him for about 30 minutes or so. After that we went into Coach Johnson’s office. He was telling me about the recruiting process and how he wanted to offer me. After that I committed and felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. So I liked being in there a lot. I looked out Coach Johnson’s window across the stadium and I figured this is where I’m going to be playing the next 4 years.”

Like most players who visit major college football programs the sideline experience during games stands out as memorable. Most play in high school stadiums that seat a few thousand fans so being on the floor of Bobby Dodd Stadium with 50,000 in the stands is impressive. Jeff’s thoughts on the experience, “I like it a lot when we go out there on the sidelines. Before the South Carolina State game they brought the prospects that have committed together and we went out to the middle of the field with Coach Johnson. That was a great experience. I like the atmosphere and everything about being a part of Tech.”

Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill is 6’5” 205 pounds so Jeff Greene and he have a lot in common. Jeff had this to say about Stephen’s game, “Stephen is a good athlete. He gets after it when he blocks so I’d say looking at him he is a pretty aggressive blocker. When he runs his routes they look good and when he goes up he tries to catch the ball at its highest point. He is a good receiver so it will be neat playing with him next year.”

Jeff has developed quite a few friendships with other players who have committed to Tech including quarterback Vad Lee from Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina. Jeff committed to Tech first and he says, “One day Vad told me that he liked having a big receiver a lot. He said he was going to commit and he did. We’ve been talking ever since.”

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