Klock Joins The Migration

In the recruiting world, the old saying goes that a team just needs to get a player on campus, and anything can happen. In the case of Lower Dauphin (GA) tight end Trey Klock, that certainly turned out to be the case as he became the seventh 2014 prospect to give his commitment to Georgia Tech.

Klock "fell in love" with Georgia Tech during a visit earlier this week.

“I went down to Georgia Tech this week and I absolutely loved it,” said Klock, who had been leaning toward Boston College prior to the visit. “That’s where I’m going to go.”

The trip down to Atlanta really helped bolster his belief that his connection with the Yellow Jacket coaching staff was a solid one.

“The coaching staff has been unbelievable,” said the 6-foot-4, 260-pound prospect. “I just started talking to Coach (Bryan) Cook four or five weeks ago. We just started up a relationship and I could already tell it was going to be something special. And now that I’ve gotten to meet everybody else, it was just great.”

Along with his lead recruiter, Klock also hit it off with head coach Paul Johnson (“I loved everything he had to say”). Once he was done meeting with the coaches, though, the three-star prospect was off to see the campus.

“We got a tour of the entire campus and I just fell in love with it right away,” he said, making note of one room in particular. “The stock exchange room. It was a Wall Street-type room. It was something that I’ve never seen before.”

As for football, the Yellow Jackets say Klock could line up in a whole host of ways.

“With the football side, I think it will be interesting,” he said. “They’re giving me the option to start out as an h-back, slot back type guy because they don’t have a typical tight end, but I don’t think I’m a typical tight end.”

Still, even with the intriguing aspect surrounding football, Klock couldn’t help but going back to all the other perks of attending Georgia Tech.

“In Atlanta, you can make so many connections,” he said. “The kids I stayed overnight with, they all have internships with Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A and big time businesses there in Atlanta. It was just a great fit for me.”

Klock received a three-star, .8333 rating in the 247Composite as the nation’s 51st-ranked tight end.

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