Tech Scrimmage Report: Offense

Here are some notes I took about the offense...If you have any questions please ask.


Tevin Washington

- Didn't play a lot as the coaches wanted to see what they other guys could do

- Played in three series

- Had some nice short passes

- Same ole Tevin..Is not a gamechange but is a decent quaterback.

Synjyn Days

- Had a bad day passing

- Struggled getting the snap from the center

- Is a great runner

- Days is one of the best pure runners on the team...his best plays came when the play broke down and he could just run....broke a bunch of tackles today.

- I expect him to end up at one of the running back spots before his time is up at Georgia Tech

Vad Lee

- By far the best passer on the team

- Was throwing a tight sprial

- Had a bunch of nice passes down field

- Scored two touchdowns long and one short

- Turned a 10 yard run into a 40 or 50 with a nice cut he made

- Got some snaps with the ones

- Is still having some isssues running the option

- Working on making the right reads

- Overall had good day and impressed me

Dennis Andrews

- Got in toward the end of the scrimmage

- Showed his quickness off and speed

- Also had a few decent passes

A back

Bj Bostic

- Probably had the best day of the running backs

- Had a few nice runs and a couple of catches

- He is fast

Robbie Godhigh

- Missed some blocks but had a few nice ones

- Had around a 8 yard TD run

Deon Hill

- played decent with the 2's today

- I think he will be a good running back in his time at Tech

Overall there wasn't a lot to report at A back...Bostic had a very good practice but besides that there wasn't a lot going on...overall the blocking has to get better from the A backs

B back

David Sims

- Looked great today

- Had a couple of long runs

- Looks a step quicker to me

- Was the best B back today

Charles Perkins

- Looked okay

- Had a few good looking runs

- Dropped a pass that should have been caught

Zach Laskey

- Had a nice run

- Didn't seem to have a lot of blocking up front for him

- I think B back is his home

- Looks like a quicker Lyons.

Wide Reciver

Jeff Greene

- Had a few drops that should have been caught

- Made a couple of nice catches

- Got in a fight with Sweeting after a play...Sweeting won the fight

Chris Jackson

- Much like Greene he had a few nice catches but also had some drops

- Looks to be a starter as of now

- Looked good on screen passes

Darren Waller

- He is huge

- Made a few nice plays

- Got the ball ripped away from him in the open field

Jeremy Moore

- Surprise player of the day

- Caught a long pass from Vad that was ruled out of bounds

- Doesn't look like the leg is holding him back anymore

Offensive line

- Hard to focus on certain players so I will just do a long run down of it all

- JC Lanier looks really bad...He will likely never be playing in a meaningful game while at GT

- Alford has lost a bunch of weight and is playing center...had a few issues with snaps but I think he could stick here long term

- Will Jackson was held out as he was hurt

- Shaq Mason looked good the few times I focused on him..I think he is going to be a star.

- Morgan Bailey did not have a good game


- Thought the offense didn't look too bad for it being the first scrimmage

- Tevin Washington is in for a fight to keep his starting job

- Synjyn Days is an elite runner and will find his way on the field

- Vad Lee is a great passer

- David Sims has the edge on keeping his starting spot right now

- Need more consistency from the wide recivers

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