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New DC- What to look for

Want to win a national championship at Georgia Tech? The formula is simple. Play great defense. The Yellow Jackets unique triple option-based offensive attack has proven it can score enough points to win games. The problem has been stopping people. It got so dismal this season that defensive coordinator Al Groh was fired Monday. 

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson is in the market for a new defensive coordinator after firing Al Groh on Monday.

Here’s a look at the three major qualities the next defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech must posses to be successful.

1- Modern Tactician

This is the most important. The Atlantic Coast Conference is changing offensively. Look at Clemson, which has seen an explosion in numbers under Chad Morris. Look at North Carolina under Larry Fedora. Miami (Fla.), though a pro-style system, has the athletes to pile up the points in this league. Many of the schools Tech has to beat run offenses that are designed to put points on the board and fast. So with that, you need someone who is skilled at not only scheming up the pro-style attacks around the league, but also the spread systems that are becoming more prevalent.

2- Great Recruiter

Because head coach Paul Johnson runs the offense, the defensive coordinator job at Georgia Tech essentially is the head coach of the defense. Recruits on that side of the ball are signing up to play for him and the argument about the option-based offense does not hold as much water when you are talking defensive players. There are plenty of talented defenders in the Jackets’ recruiting footprint that a dynamic recruiter could go sign.

3- Great Evaluator

With high academic standards and increasing competition for prospects within the state of Georgia, Tech isn’t always able to go sign the no-brainer prospects within its recruiting footprint, so it’s important that the staff evaluate well. Johnson and the offensive coaches are tremendous evaluators in terms of finding guys that they can plug into the system to make plays. On defense, the talent level is better than it looked on paper coming in, but it could be better.

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