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GT Commits sign with Yellow Jackets

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have received signed Letters of Intent from 10 recruits as of 9:56 a.m. ET.

You can follow along on Twitter (@Swarm247) for up to the minute news from The Flats and check back here for updated lists and quotes from the Yellow Jacket coaching staff.

Full details on all Georgia Tech signees will be Wednesday as well.

Faxed LOI:
Travis Custis
PJ Davis
Ty Griffin
Harrison Butker
John Marvin
Ricky Jeune
Antonio Messick
Kevin Robbins
Donovan Wilson
Chris Griffin
Justin Akins
Darius Commissiong
Corey Griffin
Shamire Devine

  • As we all know, it is difficult to rate a class until the kids have gone through the rigors of college football. When they start competing against others of their own size and speed; the game changes for most of the recruits.

    Divine is a big kid for an offensive lineman and may be valuable in pass protection, however, many schools were after him, so evidently his footwork must be good or he would not be rated so high. Hopefully, his rating will coincide with his effectiveness in our offense.

    Custis appears to have a good chance at breaking into the B-Back slot. He does not appear to have breakaway speed for the college game, buit appears sufficient. He also appears to be a tough runner which is needed for this position. I give him a good chance of breaking into the depth chart for his freshman year.

    I believe most of this class will be redshirted. We seem to have ample material for 2013 already available.

    I do not believe it would have hurt us this year if we had not signed any quarterbacks. With Lee, Thomas, Days, and other QB's playing other positions, we should be in fine shape for 2013. There many be better QB's available in 2014. I don't think it will hurt us if we do not get Damon Mitchell. He is 6'2'', but weighs only 175 and most likely would have been redshirted. He would have been valuable only as a future player for us, at best.

    Brendan Douglas has the size for the B-Back position, but if the rumors are true about using hormone substances for his strength, then he has reached his max, and would not be able to maintain his present strength in college without the steroids. However, if the rumors are false, he has the size to become a good B-Back or fullback in college. We will never know at Tech and can only follow his progress at UGA.

    I think Jeremy Hall was iffy during the entire recruiting ordeal and only stayed at Tech to lock up a scholarship. He is big, but did not seem to impress many of the recruiters which might indicate he has a better chance at a smaller school with less pressure. He was safe at Tech with his buddy Divine until he decided his best chance at playing time. Also, if your chances of excelling at a given school are not good, then why try to compete with the higher academic stress of staying elligible?

    Tolando Cleveland is a tweener for a DB. He is 6' tall, but it is better to be at least 6' 2'' and have good leaping ability as a defensive back. He only weighs 180, and unless you are a beastly hitter, you are not going to be that great against the run. Personally, I think most coaches prefer the agile 6' 2" 200+ athletes for defensive backs and preferablly a little taller for a safety. Again, Cleveland was not a big loss except for the future. We may get someone better in the next class.

    Maybe the biggest loss of the recruits is Jumichael Ramos. According to his height (6' 4") and weight (205), he appears to have the tools necessary to become a good WR. I expect he had second thoughts about getting more chances at catching passes at NCSU rather than concentrating on blocking at GT. It is certainly true that you will have as much a chance getting to the pros regardless of the school if you are a good player. However, many players like the fun in college of being able to participate on a daily and weekly schedule of playing their game instead of a particular system.

    I appreciate the receivers who choose GT, but I would never consider GT and their lack of passing attempts if I loved to catch passes, even if I did not make it to the pros. Also, it is a given truth that you become better if your talents are used in a system that uses that talent day in and day out. A team that does not pass consistently will always have less effectiveness when it does attempt a pass. The same is true about rushing. A team that relies mostly on passing, will have less effectiveness when they try to run the ball.

    Jumichael Ramos will probably become a good receiver for NCSU.

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